Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Writers and Loneliness

As a full-time writer, some days feel I’m on the outside looking in. The buffet has been set before me, but where’s my seat?  

I write at my day job, the family café, and it’s by no means alone. While not always the easiest place to concentrate, with the random visitors. I’m thankful I’m not sequestered away, hidden in my dark apartment.

The loneliness, the insecurity, the silence, and the doubts, all writers go through this at some point. I was delighted discovering the name for this malaise and uncertainty. I have my writing groups to discuss anything publishing, but still, it’s hard knowing when to bug them or allow time to pass. 

Where to turn?  Inside.    

One less way to be consumed by fears and doubt -- Write it out!

Everyone has a struggle, whether it’s publishing or personal. I find returning to my journal to explore my fears and doubts has helped. Growing up, I always kept a diary. My single- immigrant mother raised us and surviving was a blessing. Eating a wholesome meal was a blessing. Writing in journals saved my creativity in many ways, and reading the journals years later I’ve gleaned a greater awareness about younger me: the patterns of behavior when the second-guessing strikes, and not be too hard on myself because I see the patterns.

An inspiring quote, by biologist and author Rachel Carson. We’re by no means alone.

You are wise enough to understand that being “a little lonely” is not a bad thing. A writer’s occupation is one of the loneliest in the world, even if the loneliness is only an inner solitude and isolation, for that he must have at times if he is to be truly creative. And so I believe only the person who knows and is not afraid of loneliness should aspire to be a writer. But there are also rewards that are rich and peculiarly satisfying.



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