Monday, June 10, 2019

Hello, Friends!  

I'll be adding a few more watercolors here on my blog for safe keeping. 

I'm not sure how long I'll have my website I signed up when I had two books coming out the same year. I can't justify spending the money when it costs more than what I've made on book sales. (For now) I am hopeful. Eternally hopeful ... and it's a setup. lol. 

I wondered if I might keep the website and showcase my illustrations, but any extra time I have I just want to write fiction! Add that to my daily 5-6 hours Mon-Friday at the day job --I'm basically addicted to writing. 

But I'm planning a series of illustrations from old movie stills and legendary film and jazz stars. 

My watercolor illustration of Meryl Streep from around 1979, the year Kramer vs. Kramer came out. Why did I paint her?  Because I admire Meryl on so many levels. 

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