Thursday, July 4, 2019

Unplug this Fourth of July! Boycott the Fascism.


It’s hard to celebrate being free from tyrannical rule when this POTUS of has tanks rolling up to the White House. What an FU to the American people!  Using 80+ millions of our tax dollars to inflate his dictator-wannabe ego. And taking 2.5 million away from National Park Services!  

Not to mention the reserved section for his republican enablers! Tanks and hail Dear Leader, are reserved for fascists. My grandfather, who flew over the Mississippi during WW2, keeping Nazi subs from entering the river – WANTS me to write this! And to fight back against this regime EVERY DAY. The Russian assisted, illegitimate POTUS is DESTROYING (trying to) what the American people have fought tooth and nail for.

The USA is kidnapping children! We have stolen children from their parents/caretakers and made profits off this!!!!  I've never had more nightmares and been so thoroughly absorbed with disgust and utter SHAME! and ready to FIGHT for those babies!  Those girls, the teen mothers dripping in breastmilk unable to wash! Babies using the same diaper for DAYS! Betsy Devos PROFITING off this! "Migrant Children Given to Adoption Agency "linked" to Devos" 

Aside from this post that’s appeasing my mounting anger, I’ll be offline. I won’t be leaving the city this year, but it’s so quiet in New York City I think I’m going to enjoy this. Until the fireworks later tonight wake me up!  

Stay safe this fourth! Enjoy life & Family. Get outside. Turn off the TV. Unplug! Rest up, because out fight to REMOVE this treasonous agent isn’t over yet.
Why it's Called Independence Day.  << If you'd like a reminder. 

Photos from the #ClosetheCamps rally on July 2, 2019, on E. 7th Street at Middle Collegiate Church in NYC.

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