Monday, June 1, 2020

Make America Stop Killing Black People!

I Love my Brothers and Sisters! and I stand by them.

I woke up today to destruction where I live and where my family's small business, a jazz club, is struggling to survive and I marched on Saturday with Black Lives Matter!  

I went jogging after work and was swept up into the march.

Saturday, May 30th, 2020  New York City:

Bending a knee on Hudson Street in Greenwich Village 
A peaceful march through the Village and into Washington Square Park.

Black Lives Matter!

And then the Opportunists moved in a torched our town!   The Looters are NOT the protestors!

A lot of bad players out there taking advantage.

And we have an illegitimate POTUS hiding in a bunker!  Instigating this!!!

We need you, President Jo Biden!


We need to show up such large numbers, it'll be impossible for the GOP to cheat.  It's all the republicans know.  Cheat and lie and they need to GO!

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