Friday, November 11, 2022

Visions of Death: The Music Department Murders

The first three episodes are free to read! 

Visions of Death: The Music Department Murders  takes place during the summer of 1935, the build-up to WW II is heating up, swing music is blasting from the airwaves, and seventeen-year-old, Ruby St. Claire is a rising star of Weston's music department with her swinging quartet. 

Next stop, the Roseland Ballroom Competition. She's helped the police find murder suspects since she was thirteen with her extrasensory vision, but after taking a break to focus on her music, the images of death have returned. Girls from school are disappearing. Ruby has to act fast and find their killer even when all the signs point to her. 

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In the author's notes at the end, I've added a couple of historical events that were happening at the time and influenced the story.  There are historical parallels to the current build-up of the authoritarian political climate we find ourselves in now. Not only in the US, as I thought when I began this project, but all over the world. We much squash white supremacy!   

After watching the Authors Guild Foundation's webinar about serialized fiction, I was inspired to try it. Have a look.

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msblu227 said...

Karen L. Hallam’s writing is relatable to people of all walks of life. I so resignated Visions of Death on many levels. Visions of Death: The Music Department Murders - Reads like a real episode in my own life. Bravo, Karen! Brava!

K. L. Hallam said...

Thank you, MsBlu! I'm so happy you're enjoying the story! <3