Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MG Book Review: Stef Soto,Taco Queen

Stef Soto, Taco QueenStef Soto, Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A repost from my review on The Kidliterati Blog. 

Tía Perla, the jewel of the family Soto –Not. Smelling of jalapenos and cooking oil that “clings to your hair and crawls under your fingernails.” The Tía Perla was fine when Estefania, “Stef” was younger, it meant corn chips and sodas for all her friends and being playground royalty. But she’s had enough of the truck taking over her life.

She’s in middle school now, and her parent’s drop her off with the taco truck. No one gets picked up by their parents anymore. Stef wants a little independence and not constantly associated with the taco truck and to walk alone to school. She’s been negotiating for months. Mami and Papi wouldn’t even think of leaving her alone, and once again, she’s scooped into another taco truck adventure with her Papi, picking up friends along the way, creating recipes, and bringing people together.

When Papi fires up his grill, the Banda music plays, and the mouth-watering flavors sizzle off the page. Lexi has mixed feeling about the Tía Perla. But she helps her father, while her mother works at the 24-hour grocery, and when he needs her to help him save the family business, Lexi must find her voice and she discovers just how much the taco truck means to her.

A heartwarming book that brings the strength of family, first-generation immigrants, and finding your voice together in this delightful middle grade, while also learning a little Spanish, but be warned: You will become unbearably hungry while reading this book!

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